This software uses a complex combination of interpolation, extrapolation, statistics and adaptive alogrithms to intelligently adjust fuel delivery tables.
Tuning usually proceeds 2 to 5 times faster than possible by manual means. During Air/Fuel calibration fuel savings of up to 70% have been reported. The considerable reductions of engine wear and operator fatigue are obvious.
Initial tuning is rapid, usually occurring within 1 second 1. High precision can be achieved by allowing “Autotune” to operate for an extended time at each engine operating point. Accuracy is ultimately limited by the accuracy of the attached Air/Fuel ratio measurement equipment. The minimum accuracy goal setting (range 0.5% to 5.0% accuracy) allows the operator to choose the balance between initial tuning speed and accuracy. The default setting of 2% accuracy is recommended for most applications.
The Open Loop Air/Fuel Ratio calibration table sets the target Air/Fuel ratio for “Autotune".
The software provides visual indication of the tune status. Automatic and manual storage of tune status allows the user to monitor the tuning progress even if undertaken in several sessions 2.
This software also has elaborate diagnostics facilities and allows simultaneous operation of both the P.C. based data logger and the ECU internal data logger.
“Autotune” software is available for all Autronic ECUs other than early revision SM2, SMC and SMC based Plug-in ECUs 3.
Autronic “Autotune” software provides rapid hands-free tuning of Engine Air/Fuel mixtures. This automated operation frees the engine tuner, allowing total concentration on safe engine/dyno operation.
1. Requires a stable Air/Fuel ratio signal from a connected Air/Fuel Ratio Interface or Meter that uses an exhaust collector mounted UEGO sensor, accurate centering of engine operation over the selected tuning site of the fuel delivery table and the default “AUTOTUNE” settings.
2. “Autotune” tune status is not stored within the ECU. It is automatically stored for each ECU connected to the computer and is also stored in each calibration file saved to the computer's data storage device.
3. Incompatible with SM2, SMC and SMC based Plug-in ECUs fitted with firmware versions lower than v1.90. Purchase a firmware upgrade to enable compatibility.