Autronic “Dual Cal” SM4 ECUs have the added the feature of immediate swapping between two totally independent calibrations 1. A complete interchange of all configuration and calibration adjustments is available at the command of a switch. Available in a standard or sealed marine case.
Fuel switching (eg: Race with Alcohol / flush running with petrol)
Quick back to back calibration trials.
Sharing an ECU between two vehicles or swapping engines, without the need to connect a laptop recalibration.
1. Basic fuel delivery and ignition timing calibration switching response time is < 20 mSEC. ECU configuration switching (eg:- Crank &   Cam Trigger method, Injector & ignition O/P configuration) response time is < 1 SEC.
2. When online to a PC, calibration switching must be confirmed by PC operator response before calibration interchange occurs.
3. Dual calibration ECUs use Pin 39 (HSI 3 I/P) as the dedicated calibration selection switch. Therefore it is not avaliable as a speed or general purpose switch input.