While an ECU is password protected, it cannot be adjusted and its calibration cannot be recovered.

Back-up copies of its calibration and the chosen password should therefore be made prior to password protecting an ECU.

If the password is unknown, further adjustment or replacement of the ECU calibration is not possible.

If calibration change or replacement is required and the password is unknown, the only method
available to unlock the ECU is the Clear Password procedure. The Clear Password procedure will
destroy the calibration and the password contained within the ECU. Engine/vehicle operation will not be possible until an ECU configuration / calibration is installed that suits the application.

If you do not have a backup copy of the existing ECU calibration you will need to reconfigure the ECU and develop a new calibration to match the ECU to the application. To do this you will need full knowledge of the hardware that the ECU is connected to in order to undertake configuration and calibration development. The information required includes details of all wiring, injection and ignition systems, variable cam, other actuators (e.g. Fuel pump/s, Fan/s, Idle motors, boost control solenoid/s), digital inputs (e.g. crankshaft and/or camshaft triggers, speed and switch Inputs) and analogue inputs (e.g. manifold absolute pressure, throttle position, air and coolant temperature inputs).

The Clear Password procedure will cause total loss of all ECU setup. All application specific setup
and engine calibration will be lost. Vehicle operation will not be possible until the ECU is configured and calibrated to suit the application.

ECU outputs will assume an undefined state from the commencement of the clear password process until the ECU is suitably reconfigured. This can damage the ECU, injectors, ignition coils, ignition modules, actuators and electrical wiring. The engine cylinders could be filled with fuel and a fuel or electrical fire could occur. In order to protect against such dangers ALL INJECTORS, FUEL PUMPS, IGNITION COILS, IGNITION modules AND ACTUATORS MUST BE de-powered until the ECU is fully reconfigured. De-powering should preferably be done by disconnection of all injectors, ignition coils, ignition modules and actuators controlled by the ECU.

In all cases the calibration cannot be recovered from an ECU if the password is unknown.
In some instances it may be possible to recover a calibration file from the ORIGINAL PC that was
used to perform the ECU calibration, provided the PC has not had its Hard Disk Drive (HDD) changed or its HDD has not been reformatted since the calibration was performed.
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