Autronic MAFM1 Lambda meters have been marketed as 'A' & 'B' variants. Both variants are compatible with the Bosch LSM11 (4-wire) O2 sensor. The 'B' variant is also compatible with the UEGO sensor supplied by Autronic. If a UEGO sensor is connected to an 'A' variant meter, it will continuously display 'SENSOR FAULTY'. No damage to the sensor or meter will occur, provided that they are connected together using a standard Autronic 'UEGO' sensor harness.

Refer to the LSM11 tab on the LAMBDA SENSORS page for current LSM11 usage recommendations.
Meter variant can be determined from the serial number on the front decal. The character between 'MAFM1' and the 4 digit serial number will be either 'A' or 'B' (see image).

The variant can also be determined by scrolling through the available functions of a powered meter using the left side 'FUNCTION SELECT' buttons. 'A' variants allow scrolling from 0 to 10 while 'B' variants allow 0 to 14.

For "A" version meters, we offer a cost effective upgrade service for the conversion to "B" version specification, that will allow the use of a UEGO sensor type. The upgrade can only be performed on meters that are in good condition. Prior to work commencement, internal inspection of the meter to confirm the circuit board assembly's suitability for upgrade is required. This upgrade does not affect the meter's compatibility with the LSM11 sensor.
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